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We use our Vsearch™ video-distribution and keyword-distribution platform to drive videos to the top of search results for keyword phrases with a global reach. And with our Vtracker™ video SEO lead-tracking tool, we enable you to monitor, improve, and perfect your online video marketing campaigns.

These components make the Vsearch™ VSEO lead-generation and lead-tracking system the most uniquely powerful Internet marketing program available today.

SonoSoft, a manufacturer of EMR (electronic medical records) software, hired Vmatrix to help the company sell their product to three distinct customer groups:
vein centers
physical therapists

Because SonoSoft was the first EMR software company to achieve first-page rankings with video in the fall of 2010, it has retained a much higher nationwide profile than its competitors in the most lucrative customer categories. SonoSoft often has multiple thumbnail-image links to one of its three VLPs (video lead pages) or to its marketing video (click to see a larger view) appear on page one of Google search

results. Among the dozens of top nationwide rankings SonoSoft enjoys are:
"Vein clinic EMR" (six page-one rankings)
"Vascular EMR" (three page-one rankings)
"Physical Therapy
(three page-one rankings)

More important than
high rankings however is the steady stream of new customers
SonoSoft has gained through the Vsearch™ lead-generation and lead-tracking system. On the left is a screen capture (click to see a larger view) of the Vtracker™ display of calls from prospective customers that were generated by Vsearch™ and "live-transferred" to the SonoSoft sales department.

Dr. John Stagl, SonoSoft's president, was delighted with their Vmatrix-managed video SEO program. But he was frustrated by the low CTRs (click-through rates) generated by the PPC (pay-per-click) Adwords program that another firm was managing for SonoSoft. The PPC ads were generic invitations to visit the company's Website to "learn more" about the software. There was no "call-to-action", and the same ad was used for all customer types. The ad that appeared before cardiologists searching for EMR software solutions was the same ad that appeared before vein centers and physical therapists. Every type of customer received the same message: one that did not effectively motivate prospects to click through.

This all changed however when Dr. Stagl asked the Vmatrix team of video SEO and PPC experts to overhaul the SonoSoft Adwords advertising program.

We integrated two of their video SEO VLPs into the SonoSoft Adwords program and created separate ads that corresponded to each customer type (on the right is one of the ads), so that cardiology EMR prospects would only see a cardiology ad, and vein center prospects would see only a vein center ad. The language of all SonoSoft ads was changed to focus on the value of the video testimonials that prospects could see by simply clicking on the ad to visit the corresponding VLP (click to see one of the video lead pages). On the VLP, a SonoSoft video highlighting the customer testimonials would play automatically.

The new Adwords campaign was launched on July 29th, 2011, and the impact was immediate and measurable. As the performance graph illustrates (click to see a larger view), by separating prospective customers according to type, repurposing the client's VLPs, and enticing prospects with relevant video, the daily click-through rates increased immediately. And within days, the SonoSoft sales team saw an increase in phone calls and e-mails from prospective customers.

Click on the audio recording to hear a voice-mail message from Dr. Stagl to Vmatrix's
CEO Gary Gabriel regarding the increase in leads and sales calls
his team received after SonoSoft's Adwords PPC program was overhauled by Vmatrix.

While Vsearch™ helps businesses like SonoSoft get more customers by driving videos to the top of organic search results, companies can successfully use Vsearch™ to boost their pay-per-click leads as well.
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