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Vmatrix has developed a set of unique video delivery solutions to support our mission of "Video Everywhere".

From the company where it all began: we had the vision to see and tap into the enormous commercial potential of the Internet, and in the late 1990s, Vmatrix produced the world's first online marketing video, months before Apple Computer attempted to make a similar claim.

Since then Vmatrix has combined creative prowess and technical expertise to continually pioneer new and innovative ways to tell your story on the Web.

Our team is dedicated to creating video delivery tools that maximize reach and effectiveness, while providing our clients the ability to measure the positive impact of their video investment.

Deliver the highest quality video, and provide the most intuitive viewer experience available with Vplayer™. The unique "one click" feature means your customers begin viewing your video immediately, with no decisions to make about which media players to use or what software to download.

Create, send, and track video-enhanced, customized, multimedia e-mail messages, newsletters, and promotions: one at a time or to thousands of customers at once. Vmail™ gives you the power to proactively manage your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Manage and track online access to your video content using Vdemand™, our innovative video-on-demand system. This highly secure video delivery system allows you to control access to your content and create optional viewing limits based on your business needs.

Convince industry trade publications to write a story about your new product or company by adding streaming video to your next press release with VPR™.

Bring your products or services to life with high-quality HDV (high-definition video): the future of offline video marketing at trade shows and sales meetings.

Stop traffic at your tradeshow booth, enhance critical sales presentations, and replace traditional print brochures and postcards with more effective interactive CDs and DVDs.

Convince television viewers to buy with a traditional 30-second commercial or a longer-format infomercial.

Transmit your video to customers with cell phones, PDAs, and iPods.

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