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Vmatrix specializes in producing high-quality, affordable videos for a wide variety of corporate uses.

Our Emmy award-winning creative team goes beyond traditional video production. We understand the unique challenges of producing a video that looks great across all media including traditional broadcast television, Blu-ray DVD media, Website streaming, video e-mail, PowerPoint presentations, iPhones and iPads streaming, and, if you plan to use your video as a lead-generating tool, we'll distribute your video through our Vsearch™ video-distribution and keyword-distribution platform.

Whether you wish to launch your video from one platform or place it everywhere your customers can see it online and offline, our team will write and produce video content optimized for the ways you plan to use it.

To accommodate a wide variety of client needs, we have developed two lines of video production services.

Let our team of production experts produce your video from "script to screen". This turnkey service includes complete concept and script development as well as field production, motion graphics and animation design, professional narration, and post-production.

If you have your own creative team or are simply budget constrained, Vstudio™ -- our self-managed video production service -- is the perfect solution. You develop your own script and visual elements using guides and examples provided by our creative team and let us do the rest!

Once your video is produced, Vmatrix will help you deliver your video with the most effective and efficient technologies using our innovative video delivery solutions.
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