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Vplayer™ delivers the highest quality streaming video and provides the most intuitive viewer experience available in the market today. Enhance your Website, banner ads, and other online communications with the power of video.

Our advanced video player technology represents the next generation of video on the Web.

Higher Quality
Our proprietary video encoding and compression process creates the sharpest, cleanest-looking video possible. And our auto-detection technology identifies the optimum format and file size to deliver to the viewer, ensuring the highest quality streaming video available.

Wider Reach
Our ability to deliver video in Flash effectively covers more than 95% of your potential online audience. Because other video streaming providers encode their clients' videos in Windows, Real, or Microsoft Media format and thereby require audiences to download and install the corresponding player, they significantly reduce the video's audience.

Intuitive Viewing
What is more intuitive than just click and watch? The unique "one click" feature means viewers begin watching your video immediately, with no decisions to make about media players to use or Internet speeds to select. And forcing viewers to download specific software to view your video is a guaranteed way to lose your audience.

Better Branding
Vplayer™ allows you to brand the video player with your company's logo and product information, making it easier for your customers to reach you. In addition, Vplayer™ can automatically launch your company's Website in the background of the player so that when your video ends, your customers are ready to do business with you.

Results Tracking
One of the most important features of Vplayer™ is the "view tracking" capability (click to see a larger view).

Our clients can access a password-protected online report that shows the viewing history of each video. You see how often your videos are being watched and exactly when they are watched.

More Options
Vplayer™ functionality goes beyond traditional video players, allowing you create the solution you need. Multiple videos can be placed in the same Vplayer™, providing the viewer with an interactive video gallery. Auto-launch a coupon once the viewer has finished watching your company's video. Or embed a video directly into a Web page so it automatically begins playing when the page is opened.
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